Videos by Jeff Roth

"Higher and Higher" Jim Corbett and the Love Choir featuring Sister Hosanna

The Love Choir Live! at Jeff Martin's Studio E, Sebastopol, CA, led by Jim Corbett and featuring Sister Hosanna.

The Love Choir has been nurtured by Sebastopol's current "Citizen of the Year" for over ten years. Anyone showing up with an open heart and the willingness to sing along is automatically a member. The weekly Wednesday night free get together can have as many as 80 or 90 singers. Members take turns singing lead and they choose there own songs - anything from Gospel, Motown, Beatles, and Soul - to original compositions.

Jim Corbett, aka Mr. Music, has also been the music teacher in the local schools for going on two decades. You can see him lead his 3rd graders in the "Mr. Music" video on this channel.